Motion Star

MotionStar is a vision system specifically designed for mobile applications. The high speed shutter control, weather proof rugged construction, supper bright search light (IR or visible), fast frame rate, extended temperature range, small size and built in intelligence make MotionStar an ideal solution for almost every application that requires speed, performance and ruggedization.


  • Built with JFT's IntelliPixel technology
  • Weather proof (IP67)
  • Shock resistant design
  • Extended operating temperature range (-55c to 85c)
  • Color or BW sensor
  • LED long range IR or visible search light synchronized to camera shutter
  • Compact system size
  • Multiple digital video and control I/O's such as 100BastT Ethernet, USB2.0, LVDS, RS422 and RS232
  • Multiple analog video output formats include NTSC, PAL and RS170
  • True synchronous snap electronics shutter to eliminate image blurring and distortion associated with fast motion
  • Automatic or software controllable exposure and gain
  • JFT's proprietary SnapFilter allows on the fly change of optical filter
  • Built-in image processor
  • Built-in frame buffer to eliminate the need for external frame capture card
  • Progressive scan
  • Fast frame rate, adjustable on the fly
  • Built-in gamma look up table for best image quality


  • Vehicle
  • Ship
  • Train
  • Police Patrol
  • Military
  • Avionics