MTracker3D is a professional camera system for motion capturing application, it offers the best price performance in the industry. Up to 14 cameras can be networked and synchronized for high accurate tracking. Simple API functions and real time hardware centroid calculation allow user to build their own application specific motion capturing system. MTracker3D is bundled by Innovation-Systems Inc. with the newest MaxPro software.


  • Built with IntelliPixel technology
  • High accurate passive marker tracking (0.05mrad)
  • Built-in image processing to calculate marker centroid in real time
  • Marker information include centroid, size, intensity, orientation, etc.
  • Ethernet interface. All cameras are daisy chained by a single cable (with in line power) to simply installation
  • Support both in line digital video or analog video output
  • All cameras are gen-locked, all marker information are time stamped.
  • Built in IR or visible light illuminator synchronized with camera shutter
  • True synchronous snap shutter to eliminate image blurring and distortion with fast moving objects
  • Automatic or software controllable exposure and gain
  • Enhanced IR sensitivity
  • Adjustable frame speed and fast frame rate supported


  • Motion Capturing and Object Tracking
  • Entertainment
  • Spots
  • Biomechanics
  • Industrial
  • Simulation and Training