Ray Finder

Based on JFT's IntelliPixel technology, RayFinder is the most accurate optical position sensing system, it provides perfect solutions for applications such as firearms training simulation, object tracking, microscopic motion detection, sports, military and industrial control.


  • Built with IntelliPixel technology
  • High accurate object or laser tracking
  • Built-in image processing to calculate the position and trajectory of still or moving objects
  • Real time laser tracking, spot information include centroid, size, intensity, orientation etc.
  • Large internal memory capable of recording sequences of events
  • Multiple digital video and control interfaces including 100BastT Ethernet, USB2.0, LVDS, RS422 and RS232
  • Multiple analog video output formats include NTSC, PAL and RS170
  • Genlockable with external sync source
  • Allowing master/slave chaining for multiple camera applications
  • True synchronous snap shutter to eliminate image blurring and distortion with fast moving objects
  • Automatic or software controllable exposure and gain
  • Enhanced IR sensitivity
  • Gain compensation technology to assure uniform light sensitivity between edge and center of the image sensor
  • Support long integration time
  • Progressive scan
  • Adjustable frame speed and fast frame rate supported (10 fps – 400 fps)
  • Built in gamma look up table
  • Proprietary SnapFilter allows on the fly change of optical filter


  • Object Tracking
  • Laser Tracking
  • Sports
  • Plant Automation
  • Security
  • Land Survey
  • Communication
  • Military
  • Simulation and Training